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International Maritime Organization establish maritime security in order provide safety transportation and travelling by sea. The main aim of maritime safety is to make all types of voyages as secured as possible. This mandatory regime has come into force in the 1st of July 2004. It includes a list of obligatory amendments to the SOLAS.sea security They reflect direct governmental requirements which are established by authorities of ports, shipping companies and other institution which deal with sea travelling and transportation. Marine security is divided into two parts. They include:

  • Section A (mandatory part)
  • Section B (non-mandatory part)

The main goal of maritime protection is to establish efficient cooperation between different governmental services, shipping agencies, local authorities and port industries for providing as safe maritime operation as possible. This helps to prevent any occasions of piracy, incidents and other unexpected situations which can turn out to be a serious threat.

What is anti-piracy security?

Maritime anti-piracy security is another section of the whole maritime safety. It is vital for both private yachts and transporting vessels which can be attractive to pirates in waters of Somali and other states. Different governmental and other organizations provide ship-owners and crew with all necessary measures and precautions which will prevent them from interaction with pirates at sea. Anti-piracy maritime security solutions include additional preparations of every vessel in order to increase the level of its management. At the same time permanent training of the crew is also necessary when it comes to vessel protection from piracy.

maritime safety The main goal of vessel security is to provide protection of vessels in all assets in spite of their specialization. Maritime anti-piracy is one of the main points in the overall safety system taking into consideration the current situation. Our website provides you with wide range of job opportunities and vacancies in this field. You can track new positions whenever possible as well as get acquainted with detailed information and news on seaguard security. We also present the most informative catalogue of companies which are eager to higher true specialists for providing private maritime security services.

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