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About Adept & Agile Security Solutions

Adept & Agile Security Solutions is an integral part of the Himalayan Odyssey Group, based in Nepal and with strategic alliances in the United Kingdom and Egypt. Managed by retired Nepal Army officers and professional business service providers, Adept & Agile offers handpicked Gurkhas from the Indian and Nepalese Army to the broader security market.

We ensure that the selected Gurkhas provides our clients with the highest level of quality assurance and confidence. With trainings such as the STCW 95 and on-board drills, Gurkhas make the perfect maritime marshals as their keyword would be vigilance and diligence.

These Gurkhas are considered to be lucrative assets and are in high demand for security jobs even after retirement. Presently they are employed as Gurkhas Security Forces by multinational companies in Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider security market. The Government of Nepal (GON) does not permit employment in Iraq of any kind.

We at Adept & Agile are honored to bring to your notice that the Gurkhas are from the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal and are renowned for their discipline, loyalty, honesty, robustness, and courage. They are recruited by the British Army, Singapore Police, Indian Army and the Nepalese Army.

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