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About Aegis

Aegis is a leading security and risk management company with project experience in over 60 countries. We have a worldwide client-base including governments, international agencies and the international corporate sector. We are also a major security provider to the United States government and intelligence and security advisor to the maritime insurer Lloyd’s of London’s Joint War Committee (JWC).

We understand the unique and complex challenges of operating in the maritime domain. Our offshore security services facilitate drilling and seismic work, and allow business to continue uninterrupted in a managed and secure environment. We offer a tailored package that can be implemented worldwide.

Maritime Security Detachments

Our maritime security detachments comprise specialist maritime professionals who are highly experienced in delivering timely and sound tactical decisions without compromising safety, health, or environmental considerations. This enables our clients to conduct their operations in a safe and secure manner.

Technical Solutions

We deliver a fully integrated suite of technical security measures designed to detect, deter, delay, deny and respond to threats. These measures range from operating and managing Maritime Early Warning Systems (MEWS) to establishing physical security measures. Our technical solutions provide our clients with multi-layered defence capabilities, enabling them to successfully conduct their operations in high-threat maritime and land environments.

Training and Mentoring of Local Security Operators

We have a proven track record in delivering effective training and mentoring to local security operators. Our security advisors assist in implementing graduated response measures in accordance with international laws and conventions. The close relationships we build with local security operators also provide our clients with excellent opportunities for local engagement.

Maritime Intelligence Services

Aegis Advisory’s routine and bespoke maritime intelligence products provide our clients with meaningful intelligence and analysis to inform decision-making and business continuity planning in maritime environments worldwide. Aegis is an established and trusted provider of maritime intelligence, justifying our appointment as security advisor to the Joint War Committee of the maritime insurer Lloyd’s of London.

Port Surveys

We deliver commercially focused audits and surveys of ports and port facilities to support our clients’ operations in high-risk maritime environments. All work undertaken by Aegis and its associates is carried out by qualified Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO).

Automated Voyage Risk Assessment (AVRA)

We provide assessments of maritime threats through our AVRA service, covering 150 seaways and 3,000 ports. This web-based product provides strategic-level threat advice on four core risks: Political, Crime, Drugs and Stowaways. Other regional or seaway threats to maritime security are considered as and when appropriate and can include such activities as human trafficking, weapons smuggling or local corruption.

Maritime Piracy

From Africa to Asia to America, piracy poses a significant threat to all involved with the shipping industry. Aegis Response has effectively and successfully resolved cases of both vessel hijacking and maritime kidnap. Our specialist knowledge and extensive experience is proven and crucial in achieving the safe and timely release of the crew of the vessel.

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