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About Agema-Services

AGEMA-Services is an internationally operating security company specialised on providing services in high risk areas. Our exceptional expertise and competences enable us to provide goal-orientated solutions to identify, avoid and overcome security risks to our customers. The collaboration with our strategic partners enables us to provide services in nearly every part of the world.

AGEMA-Services provides comprehensive and professional security solutions for individuals, companies, organisations and state institutions.

Since the founding of the company, AGEMA’s structures have been designed to meet the high demands on international high risk management to full extent.

All of AGEMA’s employees underwent military or police training and/or have an academic background. Through extensive operational experience in high risk areas around the world, the necessary cross-cultural and foreign language competence as well as the high craftsmanship of our operative personnel is ensured.

AGEMA-Services offers premium security services “Made in Germany”.

Our experts provide our clients with individual solutions for all security-related questions. Herein we support companies, organisations and state institutions in the following fields:

  • implementation of security projects in high risk areas
  • safeguarding of foreign branch offices or project locations
  • protection of employees or assets
  • facilitating of business activities in risk areas

The combination of the precise fulfilment of our client’s order and premium service at fair conditions is the groundwork of our service.

AGEMA-Services has the expertise, the logistic infrastructure and the constant operational capability to ensure maximum security for its clients and their goals and business.

The success of our services results from the exceptional expertise of our personnel and is based on many years of experience of the management and the operative personnel in international crisis regions.

AGEMA-Services’s employees feature a broad range of expertise in the field of crisis and security management as well as in the implementation of operational security concepts. Besides experts from the fields of crisis and security management, this includes specialist from the military sector, emergency medicine, and static and mobile security.

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