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About Ambrey Risk

Security risks in the maritime environment have never been so diverse or so great. They now represent a tangible threat to your business and bottom line profitability. We offer a wide range of maritime security services delivered by our core team of maritime risk experts and tailored to meet your specific requirements and challenges. Our services can be categorised as follows:

Advisory – Consultancy based services designed to help identify and categorise your specific risks and design appropriate security countermeasures to enable continuous operations and on going profitability.  These services are very client specific but could include:

  • Security policy planning
  • Intelligence analysis of piracy incidents
  • Passage risk assessments and security planning
  • Vessel security assessments
  • Port facility security assessments
  • Business continuity management and crisis management planning

Implementation – Our implementation services are designed to deliver a capability or effect and are often based on the outcomes of our advisory services.  Our core capability lies in the provision of highly trained Armed and Unarmed Vessel Protection Teams to provide the ultimate support for your vessels and crew where it is needed. We provide these teams with the latest equipment, training and management support to ensure you receive robust, flexible and effective security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security teams will always conform to our stringent management and assurance policies with regards to training, licencing, procedures and planning. We can provide the following services for your passage or project:

  • Personnel who are appropriately experienced, trained and selected for the task
  • Regular intelligence and piracy reports
  • Vessel hardening to prevent hostile boarding
  • Crew security training and drills
  • Enhanced day and night optics
  • Modern effective weapon systems

Our maritime security personnel adhere to stringent training and selection standards the details of which can be supplied on request.  We have our own training centre in Hereford, UK, which trains all of Ambrey’s personnel.

Assurance – Our assurance services are designed to review and audit in place plans and procedures against recognised industry best practice for quality control and assurance purposes.  We also provide security mentoring of host nation security teams or other security providers for our clients as part of this service.

Training – We offer a wide range of training for our clients tailored to their specific requirements and operating procedures.  We cover topics as diverse as corporate crisis management to crew training.  All of our Maritime Security Officers pass through our training school.

Project Management – We recognise that security is not your core business and that you may not have the capacity to allocate in-house resources to non-core activities.  Our project management service is designed to meet this requirement and provide comprehensive project management enabling you to focus on your core business.  We combine our significant management expertise and experience with our market leading services tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

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