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About Aspida

Aspida Maritime Security is a private maritime security company that specialises in ensuring your crew, cargo and vessels get to their destination intact and on time. We work in accordance with IMO guidelines.

We can keep ships secure because we know their limitations, vulnerabilities, how crews tend to operate and about what to be particularly cautious. What’s more, our Ship Security Operatives (SSOs) are fully used to having to be at sea for weeks on end. They know what to expect. And they know what you expect, whether you are shore-based staff, administration, or aboard ship, from captain to galley.

As you would expect, we fulfil all IMO guidelines and we are accredited to ISO28007.

If your route is particularly dangerous, we will recommend the use of armed security operatives. We can demonstrate that every firearm and piece of ammunition is eminently traceable and we have a single platform, owning the firearms ourselves. That way, every one of our operatives uses the same type of firearm on every mission or project so there is no learning curve or loss of skill involved. Everything is certified.

We are committed to observing the privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) maritime security standards. Plus, we are multi-lingual – for example in Greek, English, Korean, Danish and more – and fluent in both commercial and tactical ideologies and doctrine. With this skill set we are able to cross deck seamlessly between them to provide the best solution for you.

As well as on-board and dockside security, we can help you with route intelligence – we can guide you around dangerous waters or protect you where they are unavoidable. We also offer training and complete consultancy services.

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