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About Blue Sentinals Securitas

BLUE SENTINALS SECURITAS PVT LTD was formed on 04th Apr 2005. The company is being managed by three retired Army Officers with its corporate office at Gurgaon. The company is registered with civil authorities as well as with Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR), Army Headquarters, New Delhi. Our company is governed by the instructions laid down by Govt. and we make an effort to provide maximum employment to ex-servicemen and suitable youths.
Working with multiple advisers and in some case with our partners with long experience in this field, we are geared up to provide world class services to shipping lines, ship owners and operators.

Blue Sentinals Securitas provides custom maritime security services in conjunction with our partners led by professionals from the Indian Navy with experience in the piracy field in the gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The piracy situation is a growing menace and we are gearing ourselves to be on top of the situation so as to provide our clients with the best security solution. 

Our experience and the discipline that is ingrained in our personnel following strict training methods with standard operating procedures make our teams ideally suitable to take control of situation at sea.

The situation and tactic of the pirates are constantly evolving and we are therefore gearing ourselves to expand our knowledge-base to cope with the situation. The specialists recognize that the evolving situations need contact evolving responses. We adapt according to this learning curve and implement it into our training in developing new creative responses from the security guards.

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