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About Britannia

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of service which meets and exceeds our clients requirements.

Britannia Maritime Security is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a great deal of collective experience in the maritime and security industries. We aim to use that pool of experience to draw on the best practice available in managing risk, supplying escort vessels, protecting oil and gas assets and providing anti-piracy solutions. We are used to working in challenging situations and dealing with risk in different environments around the world. It follows on that every person we employ for BMS is used to managing risk, but more than that they must have the right personality for our company: experience with working to exacting commercial standards; and demonstrating these personal values we see as essential for building good working relationships with a captain and crew at sea.

As we look around the world at the geopolitical situation we see more areas of challenge for companies who continue to operate in difficult circumstances and use UK expertise to assist them. Let’s not forget that NATO and the UK Navy (and military) are over stretched, and for example, in the Mediterranean, Red and Arabian Seas, navy support is likely to be harder to find in coming years. However, in the commercial world it’s different, with merchant shipping increasing. There are around 30,000 ships by some estimates, passing through the Suez Canal, and when we reflect further on the expansion of pirate activity in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea we can see more need than ever for well managed private maritime security services.

Britannia employ former British Military Personnel or the equivalent level of personnel and these individuals all go through company training and competency assurance before they are utilised in the field. As a former member of the UK Special Forces and the last 10 years in the Private Security Sector in both Maritime and Land based Operations I am fortunate in having close links with many such individuals.

We invest in the expertise of our management team, chosen for their experience in the security industry, shipping and business to protect those who work at sea and in the most difficult environments.

Stuart Niven

Managing Director

Britannia Maritime Security

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