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About Corinthian Protection International

Corinthian Protection International Group is an established leading security company, existing to serve the International terrestrial and maritime industries.
Our management team has extensive corporate and elite military experience both in the UK and on an international scale. CPI Group therefore has the capacity and expertise to operate teams effectively through challenging situations, whilst recognising the commercial implications and client needs, never compromising industry standards.

Our company is committed to delivering an ethical, cost effective, professional and efficient service. This is facilitated by carefully recruited security consultants who are predominantly former British military from an elite background. These personnel have a vast amount of experience in hostile environments and their skills are maintained with regular training.

We operate within the most challenging and austere environments, mitigating risks for personnel and assets that are exposed to varying threats. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients, tailoring our services to their specific requirements. We ensure that all risk has been assessed, enabling our clients’ business to operate and thrive unhindered and unrestricted on a global scale.

In view of the ever-increasing number of unreported and reported piracy threats and attacks, maritime security has never been more vital and essential.
To succeed in a fiercely competitive global atmosphere, companies need to have the support of a reliable, affordable and professional security provider, which has multifaceted operational experience.

Corinthian Protection International Maritime (CPIM) are successfully delivering regular and cost effective security services in the Gulf of Aden and West Africa, for numerous high profile shipping companies.

Our mission is to ensure that we provide the best and most flexible tailored support. This allows clients to operate with confidence in their security arrangements, regarding their crew, vessels, cargo and assets.

To achieve and support this goal, we offer excellent governance, the most up to date risk assessment/anti-piracy services available, which involve all of the stages of transits. This closely monitored security will ensure shipping companies have safely protected transits and make well informed commercial decisions.
With Corinthian Protection International Maritime’s expertise and professional skills as part of your business plan and risk assessment, you can be confident in your service, and give that reassurance and reliability to clients.

CPIM provides expert services and trained personnel for:

  • Threat and vessel risk assessment including:
  • Security surveys & audits
  • Physical armed & unarmed security solutions
  • Technical vessel protection solutions
  • Asset & personnel security consultancy
  • Intelligence planning & evaluation solutions
  • Specialist training for maritime security
  • Port facility security assessments
  • Passage risk assessments and security planning

All of our teams operate in line with our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which fully comply with:

  • International Code of Conduct (ICoC)
  • Best Management Practices Four (BMP 4)
  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Guidelines
  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
  • International flag and port state regulations

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