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Avalon 26-32 Oxford Road Bournemouth BH8 8EZ United Kingdom

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About Drum Cussac

Draw on our cross sector experience to manage market entry, business resumption and long-term risk

Going the extra mile to meet your specific needs

Where you require a level or type of service not covered by one of our standard solutions, we apply a consultative approach to reviewing your business, understanding the commercial opportunities currently under consideration and conducting a wide-ranging risk assessment, so that we can design a bespoke solution.

Our solution may include specialist products and services, such as journey management, executive protection and kidnap for ransom mitigation. Should you need additional resourcing, we can contract one of our risk and security experts to become a full-time member of your team.

Consulting – from project inception through all stages of the operational lifecycle

We specialise in developing mitigation strategies to ensure organisational resilience, enabling clients to convert risk into competitive advantage. We constantly review our established risk consulting practices, always seeking to remain ahead of the developing risk curve.

Experienced in challenging environments, we work collaboratively with clients, local national personnel and third-party expatriates to develop the most appropriate risk mitigation plans, ensuring that we fully understand what you regard as an acceptable level of risk.

We monitor and analyse potential threats that could expose an organisation’s business, assets or operations to risk. Our consulting services include:

Project Management

  • Design input and development of security systems
  • Security management

Security Planning

  • Comprehensive reviews of existing security systems
  • Contingency planning to manage security-related incidents
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Outsourced security services
  • Journey management
  • Kidnap for ransom mitigation services

Risk Management

  • Executive protection
  • Protection of commercial reputation
  • Security audits and risk assessments
  • Assisting recovery from hazardous and potentially volatile situations

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