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About ENVOY360

Fully certified and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations ENVOY360 provides world class Risk Management, Training, Security Brokerage and Consultancy Services to both the private and public sectors.
Owned and operated by New Zealanders with extensive commercial experience in Private Security and Risk Management; Industrial Servicing, Logistics and ICT; and Banking and Insurance, ENVOY360’s Board of Directors are a multi-disciplined team with proven and successful track records at Senior Executive level.  This includes Tier One Special Forces experience, along with strategic and operational commercial management in Maritime and Land based Private Security, together with public and large private company experience at CEO level.
Similarly, all staff are fully qualified and have ’hands-on’ experience in many industries. We are dedicated to delivering professional, ethical and legally compliant mitigation solutions to ensure your commercial success by reducing your exposure to risk.
We protect your employees, your assets and your brand - and we guarantee your business continuity. ENVOY360’s cornerstone principles are based on: Safety, Compliance, Quality and Experience.  
Our systems are based on providing you with detailed Consultancy Services to identify, evaluate and develop the most appropriate Risk Mitigation Plan to protect your assets, personnel, reputation and brand. We will ensure that your name and your brand means safe passage to your customers.
prides itself on delivering professional, ethical, moral and legally compliant Security Solutions that are robust and consistent while being specifically tailored for individual client needs. We are able to provide these services throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, The Gulf of Aden, Somali Basin, Indian Ocean, Asia and Central Asia.

Panama Registered and GUARDCON compliant, ENVOY360 provides world class Maritime Risk Management Security Solutions, Training and Consultancy.
All our services are delivered in accordance with the International Shipping and Ports Security Code (ISPS) and the 4th edition of Best Management Practices (BMP4).
ENVOY360 Maritime Security Solutions cater to private, commercial, transport, energy and Government sectors. In the absence of a regulatory body for maritime security operations we ensure legal compliance through independent inspection and certification. Accordingly ENVOY360 adheres to all the latest industry IMO standards and relevant regulations. Further, we are active supporters of the establishment and constitution of a regulatory body.   
Our Risk Management strategies will minimize your exposure to risk therefore reducing the cost of your voyage. Additionally we eliminate your exposure to late penalties (due to interdiction from piracy and armed robbers), ransom and the ensuing negotiations, and the stress imposed on your staff, your customers and your business. We guarantee your business continuity based on our cornerstone principles of Safe Passage + Zero Harm.
ENVOY360 Maritime Risk Management services include:

  • Embarked Security Personnel (armed and unarmed, all ISPS and STCW qualified)
  • Offshore Security Platform and Escort Vessels (APTS enabled)
  • Offshore Platform Protection Teams (armed and unarmed)
  • Maritime Risk Management Consultancy
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies (ISPS and BMP4 compliant), including Crew Training, Citadel Preparation and Ship Hardening
  • Offshore Oilfield Security Protection
  • Port Security Assessments
  • Economic Exclusion Zone Protection

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