Durban South Africa

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About ESS&SA

ESS&SA is pronounced as ‘essenza’, which is Italian for ‘essence’. Essence implies; the most important ingredient or the most crucial element.

ESS&SA Training & Recruitment is a separate part of the ESS&SA website for (Maritime) Security Professionals who want to apply for work or refresh, improve and/or gain competencies needed to work in the MarSec industry.


The Training & Recruitment center has state of the art classroom facilities where the theoretical aspects of the training are conducted. The shooting range is South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and South African Police Service (SAPS) accredited.
Durban is characterized by a mild subtropical climate having an average of 320 days of sunshine in a year, with light rain falls all through the year. Overall, it experiences warm summers and mild moist to dry winters. The training center and ranges are ideally located to train all year round.

ESS&SA has all the necessary licenses and accreditations for the training with firearms and equipment

ESS&SA has an expert team of instructors who are registered with the South African Safety and Security Educational Training Authority (the relevant awarding bodies) and soon with the relevant awarding bodies, as Assessor and Moderators in an extensive range of Unit Standards, they are also registered Range Officers who can supervise and assist with firearms courses on SABS and SAPS approved shooting ranges.

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