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About German Maritime Security

The German Maritime Security GmbH was founded in 2013, as a subsidiary of the Kieler Wach- und Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH (KWS). KWS has a demonstrated successful history of providing a broad spectrum of services (24-hour emergency and service control center, security patrol services, property surveillance and protection, facility maintenance, close protection, surveillance, port security). With three interlinked 24/7 emergency and service control centers in Germany (in Kiel, Rostock, Berlin), KWS provides more than 20,000 clients with tailored services, including alert and video surveillance systems. KWS cooperates closely with various business associations of the security, safety and defense sector, as well as with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the state authority for handheld weapons in Schleswig-Holstein. Striving to offer our clients the best service possible, the German Maritime Security GmbH was established in order to expand the portfolio of KWS' national private maritime security services (for cruise ship terminals, port security, shipyards) to include international maritime services, such as protection of commercial freighters, cruise ships, ferrys, privately owned vessels, and offshore installations. Building on the professional structures and experiences of KWS, the German Maritime Security GmbH is pleased to offer the high standards that our customers can expect.

Our service range is focused on the surveillance of merchant vessels and protection from attacks by pirates and other criminal or terrorist groups. GMS has several professionally trained security-teams with military background and comprehensive education. Our security-teams are highly trained and professionally equipped. To best serve the individual requirements for safety needs, we deploy experienced customer and safety consultants as specialists who create a security analysis, a risk assessment, and a safety concept for seagoing vessels together with the customer. Special training programs for crew members of merchant vessels in high risk environments are included in the services of GMS.

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