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About ICTS

Established in 1987, ICTS UK and ICTS Ireland form one of the largest subsidiaries of ICTS Europe SA. 

The ICTS service offering is based around three main operational elements.

MANPOWER: provision and management of security and customer service personnel, rigorously trained (and licensed for) a wide variety of disciplines.

SYSTEMS: provision of procedural, physical and electronic security systems (including bespoke hard/software technologies) which can be used in isolation or integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution.

CANINE: specialised canine sniffer dog search services providing passive and pro-active detection of drugs, explosives, firearms and currency.

ICTS tailors its services to meet the needs of diverse industry sectors including (but not limited to) transport, nuclear, financial, tourist attractions, academic, healthcare, corporate and luxury retail.

ICTS are specialists in the provision of integrated security and customer service functions, combining customer care and risk management.

Service Sectors - we provide Integrated Security & Customer Service Personnel Functions and our goal is to provide a security service that enhances any organisation's ability to achieve their business objectives. We specialise in complex, open access and public facing organisations

High Value and Luxury Goods Security - our range of services include the discreet security of luxury goods for events, photo-shoots and shows, including personal protection of VIPs. We also provide worldwide courier transportation services along with surveillance, alarm response facilities, CCTV and 24 hour key holding

Close Protection Officers - we can provide a team of Close Protection Officers dedicated to the delivery of personal protection

Technical and Physical Security Solutions - these include Barriers, Fencing, Detection systems, Bars, Grills, Shutters, Locks and Safes

SIA Licensing - our HR and Training Departments are equipped and certified to operate in full compliance with SIA regulations

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