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About Internationale Bodyguard and Sicherheitsagentur

Since the year 2005 our company offers various options for effective protection and security against the activities of criminal groups at sea for more Maritime Security through armed escorts to shipping companies as well as to the owner, management and operator of yachts, megayachts and superyachts.

In addition, we established the MARITIME DIVISION within our company, which focuses exclusively on issues related to anti-piracy at sea for commercial vessels, yachts, megayachts and superyachts at sea for extensive Maritime Security. Within this division, we founded the dedicated i.b.s.® M.R.U. Maritime Response Unit.

This unit consists of specialists with expert knowledge in the field of anti-piracy and related issues. On request, they are deployed as armed protection teams for armed escorts aboard ocean-going vessels, yachts, megayachts and superyachts. These missions are in part carried out in close collaboration with the local security bodies in the riparian states as well as specifically those at the HoA Horn of Africa and IOR Indian Ocean Region.

Via these specialists, we also provide training for vessels' crews in order to teach them the correct and comprehensive way to secure their vessels, as well as the correct anti-piracy actions to take when under attack by criminals and criminal groups.

The emphasis of this training is not exclusively focused on pirate attacks when in transit or in the sea areas of the HoA Horn of Africa or IOR Indian Ocean Region, as it also includes additional relevant topics and sea areas.

In accordance with our clients' guidelines, we implement "on-board service" using non-lethal as well as lethal means. Consisting of former specialist operatives in the military or the police, our maritime security team members never resort to inappropriate anti-piracy measures which might cause the escalation of any encounter, and instead react appropriately to the situation at hand.

In this way, the leader of our maritime security teams in particular provides the Master and SSO Ship Security Officer as well as the vessel's crew with active support in the execution of their tasks and commanding the respective vessel, thereby effectively alleviating their work. With their many years of mission experience and professionalism, our respective team leaders provide useful support, including psychological support, on the ship's bridge, especially during incidents.

In addition to this on-board-service, we also provide

  • Threat assessments for commercial vessels, yachts, megayachts and superyachts
  • Counter-piracy training for vessels' crews, also encompassing additional training in vessel and personal security, including the realistic simulation of pirate attacks (on-site training abroad or when either in harbour or docked in Germany)
  • Consultation on the installation of defense features, defensive measures, and protection equipment on board as well as additional training of the respective vessel's crew in their use (e.g. safe room, muster area, BMP 4)
  • The provision of individual alarm plans, communication plans, bridge reaction plans, and evacuation plans as well as additional pre-transit checklists
  • Communication support with CTF's, MARLO, UKMTO, MSCHOA, and  NATO via our protection teams, etc.

We would also like to take this opportunity to point out that, in line with the international requirements for PCASP (Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel), our company possesses indemnity insurance cover of EUR 5,000,000, which also specifically includes maritime missions and is in compliance with GUARDCON.

Other services within maritime security, such as safety analyses and consultation covering the security of Oil Rigs and overseas harbor installations can also be offered on request.

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