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Maritime security is concerned with the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion or terrorism and includes ships, ports and offshore installations. The aim of maritime security is to detect and deter security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities and to protect from harm; passengers, crews, ships and their cargoes, port facilities and the people who work and live in port areas.
In the face of today's ever increasing threats from piracy and regional and international terrorism, Longmoor Group has developed one of the most comprehensive maritime security capabilities on the market, ranging from: maritime security consultancy and assessments to maritime security equipment, procedures and training.

Longmoor Security''s network of maritime security specialists combine practical knowledge of the private security industry, with a background and experience in maritime operations, whether that be with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Special Boat Service or HM Revenue & customs.

Constantly updating their training material in response to international incidents and academic analysis of the modus operandi of the various threats ensures that any maritime security consultancy or training that Longmoor Security provides is relevant and accredited.

Longmoor Security's maritime security consultants are experts in maritime security audits and assessments. These are tools to assess the relevant threat and recommend the appropriate equipment, procedures and counter-piracy measures to be designed into the security plan, whether that be of a ship, port or offshore installation. They are also placed to audit the security procedures already in place, including operation of the various systems and the drills of crew and staff.

Standard Operating procedures and training of crews and staff forms the vital part of any maritime security plan. Longmoor Security's training department provides port and ship security training, performing realistic threat scenarios based on the client's security plan assessment. Drills and Exercises performed will not only confirm if there are weaknesses in the security plan, but will help ensure staff is proficient at handling a variety of security threats and situations. Our goal is to help Port or Ship Security Directors to cost-effectively and comprehensively comply with their relevant security regulations, successfully transitioning from theoretical security to the practical ability. Ultimately, the maritime security planning process must develop and implement measures to reduce port and ship vulnerabilities.

Longmoor Security is also able to undertake training specific to hostage situations, arming employees and crew with the knowledge of what to expect should their ship or offshore facility be overrun, resulting in a hostage situation. This can include training key personnel in hostage negotiation: a hugely important asset to have in such a volatile situation.

The increasingly concerning activities regarding piracy and maritime security have brought with them international recognition, due in part to the prevalence areas common with maritime traffic and international trade and industry. No longer can maritime security be neglected, and Longmoor Security is perfectly positioned to deliver timely, cost effective and professional solutions to your maritime facilities and property.

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