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LSS was founded in 2004 where it provided its services for the security of “Athens 2004” Olympic Games. Nowadays, LSS specialises in Oil and Mine' facilities security services both ashore and at sea. LSS retains active contact points/offices in London, Athens and Galle.

LSS focused on the Somali Piracy phenomenon and founded the Special Anti Piracy Unit (SAPU) as a response.
SAPU is made up of Hellenic Nationality professionals, trained in the Special Forces of the Hellenic Army, highly experienced, constantly trained with 25 Certifications/Qualifications each. Also, LSS - SAPU is a BIMCO Associate PMSC member, ISO 28007:2012 & ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyd's Registry and a signatory company of the International Code of Conduct - ICoC. If your vessels transit through these perilous waters and you wish to protect your crew and property with the most highly trained and experienced Greek professionals at a reasonable rate or you simply wish to have more information about our services feel free to contact us.

SAPU is fully aware of the piracy problem shipping companies face and therefore is continuously training to deal with it as quickly and effectively as possible according to the field experience gained.

SAPU can operate always according to International Law and properly licensed from all sates involved in the Indian Ocean Region and West Africa.

Also, LSS - SAPU holds an ISO 28007, ISO 9001/2008 certification, is a certified member of SAMI and a signatory company of the International Code of Conduct ICoC,

In brief, SAPU will secure your vessel by fortifying it, training your crew, staying on guard 24/7 and deterring pirates when needed.

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