Maritime Risk International

Level 4, Building B, Al Mamoura Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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About Maritime Risk International

Maritime Risk International is an independent risk management consultancy providing strategies and physical security to the maritime industry. The company is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE with regional management covering Europe and Asia.

Maritime Risk International protects and secures ships, yachts and other maritime assets across the globe from hijacking, terrorism and criminal activity whilst offshore, in port or post incident. The company works with a range of clients and provides services using highly vetted former military personnel.

Maritime Risk International offers bespoke maritime security solutions to meet the precise needs of its clients and responds rapidly, discreetly and effectively to provide relevant security services to the global maritime industry.

Ship Detachments

Maritime Risk International creates bespoke ship detachments, which deter attacks in accordance with flag state legal jurisdiction. Detachments are fully insured and operate within robust Rules for the Use of Force. Non-lethal methods are rigorously applied which act as a strong deterrent before, during and after transit. The company operates on a worldwide basis with all services provided in full accordance with the ISPS code and latest BMP guidance. Within High Risk Areas (HRA), Maritime Risk International are legally licensed to conduct deployments from all key ports and maintain a comprehensive network of agents to ensure seamless implementation.

Maritime Risk Management

Maritime Risk International offers comprehensive Security Management for static locations or offshore installations. They also provide training solutions as well as post incident response.


All work is underpinned by up-to-date intelligence reporting, with assessments provided during transit through the HRA. In addition they publish comprehensive Intelligence Reports covering maritime security, piracy activity and trends, global political situations and potential flash points.

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