Maritime Tactical Security

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About Maritime Tactical Security

Maritime Tactical Security will provide cost effective consultations, logistics, and "ride-along" Security Teams to ensure safe, interference free, passage for any vessel, big or small, to any destination in the world.

Our Security Teams will establish a security zone around the protected vessel and will not allow anyone to interfere with the ship's business and it's commercial activities.

Maritime Tactical Security Teams Teams deploy with the latest equipment and weaponry to stop, disable, or sink any small to medium size hostile vessel, often without harming hostile party. Maritime Tactical Security experts will prevent any unathorized boarding of the protected ship anywhere in the world.

Our Force is made exclusively of former Navy SEALs and Masters-At-Arms (Naval Military Police), with years of training and real world experience in ship protection, ship boarding, and anti-piracy tactics. Because Navy SEALs not only protect vessels, but often need to force-board noncompliant vessels, they have unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the methods used by pirates.

Maritime Tactical Security

Provides teams of former Navy SEALs to "Ride-Along" on your vessel to provide security for your ships, passengers, crew and cargo. 

MTS employs exclusively former Navy SEALs and Naval Police Master-At-Arms with extensive, real-world experience in maritime operations and combat.

Our Mission

Protect Maritime Commerce from piracy and interference anywhere in the world and ensure safe passage of all protected ships to their intended destination on time. 

Our Force

Force is made up exclusively of former Navy SEALs (the best naval comando force in the world), and Master-At-Arms (Naval Military Police officers).

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