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About Mosaic

MOSAIC is a strategic intelligence and advisory firm dedicated to helping clients mitigate exposure and minimize loss, both financially and physically. We Integrate sophisticated technology with specialist knowledge, including human and deep source intelligence, combined with Open Source, Cyber, Imagery, Surveillance and Reconnaissance intelligence in order to address current and emerging threats to multinational corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations as well as private individuals, across four main areas: intelligence, counter-terrorism, cyber security, and critical infrastructure protection. A Rapid Response Intelligence Outfit.

Maritime security is concerned with the prevention of intentional damagequote2 through sabotage, subversion, terrorism and ransom.

There are thousands of legal fishing boats and it is very difficult to recognize pirates.
Only experienced security teams can identify a real threat. Inexperienced teams can fire at innocent fishing boats, or miss a true pirate threat.
The benefit of deep experience and training is knowing when not to fire.

MOSAIC prides itself in providing a core of SOF – (Special Operations Forces) operators who can truly provide the best expert service.

Piracy has become a serious problem and threatens seafarers, merchant shipping and therefore world trade. Paying ransom increases pirates’ appetite.

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