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About Protection Vessels International

PVI is the world’s largest private maritime security company. Independent and privately owned, we were set up in 2008 by senior former military personnel in response to the growing security threat to the world’s shipping industry, particularly in the Gulf of Aden, east coast of Africa and into the Indian Ocean. Importantly, we are seafarers who provide security, rather than a security company that is working in the shipping industry.

PVI is dedicated to helping today's shipping industry balance its commercial imperatives with the growing risk of piracy and maritime terrorism. We are uniquely placed to offset that risk, reducing the impact it would otherwise have on planning, productivity, insurance and, ultimately, the cost of doing business.

Our success is founded on our background as seafarers with security and risk mitigation expertise. Exclusively drawn from the UK Royal Marine Commandos, our security teams follow a strict code of conduct and ethics and are acutely attuned to the operational challenges facing our clients. 

Our key supporting services

Physical – As the world’s largest maritime security operation, PVI has the reach and resources to monitor the ever-evolving global security situation. We put that knowledge to work for our clients, developing bespoke solutions that will mitigate physical risk – often the most difficult risk element to tackle.

Information – With research methods changing rapidly, we employ the latest ideas to generate a powerful, real-time picture of risk across the world’s most challenging areas. We use all of our assets globally, fusing multiple data streams to provide a multi-dimensional product to our clients.

Technical – Information security is the fastest-growing and most complex area of risk facing our clients. We help them to mitigate it in diverse ways, from assessing the robustness of their infrastructure through to providing training in maintaining the integrity and security of their information.

Training – We are unique in our ability to train ex-military personnel in applying security skills in the commercial sector. This is a valuable asset to our clients and an increasingly important offering in emerging markets. Learn more about our training and watch an online demonstration.

To view the full range of training courses offered by our sister company, visit PGI Training.

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