Salama Fikira

Level 3 Alexander House Ebene Mauritius United Kingdom

Phone: +254 20 269 3846 (24/7)

Mobile: +254 20 260 3670 (24/7)

About Salama Fikira

The company works under three main divisions - - Oil & Gas, Projects and Land. It has a proven track record in sensitive and complex environments, creating the conditions where our clients can do business effectively. Salama Fikira can provide services that range from training and location reconnaissance before a project to task planning and deployment as the project is underway. Salama Fikira is a security company is equipped to support clients at every operational stage of their enterprise.

Utilising a wide array of reporting sources the Salama Fikira Group provides 24-hour ship security and support to vessels at sea. Our research team understands the diversity of threats which can affect the security of a vessel including piracy, maritime terrorism, regional instability and militancy. 

Maritime Security Services Offered

  • Bespoke Vessel Routing Advisories
  • Maritime Alert Monitoring and Alerts
  • Maritime Threat Reporting
  • Coastal Threat Assessments
  • Vessel Recognition Guides
  • Historical Data
  • Regional Analysis
  • Port Security Audit 

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