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About Seagull Maritime Security

Seagull Maritime Security offers its clients a full range of maritime security and anti-piracy services for a safe and secure
voyage of vessels transiting the High Risk Areas (HRA) of the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean and the
Red Sea. Our management and security professionals have served in Naval Commando and elite
special operations units. We have been providing maritime security services since 2008, successfully
securing hundreds of voyages and accumulating extensive experience.
Our skilled security teams have effectively withstood numerous pirate attacks, with an unsurpassed
track record and no damage whatsoever to ship or crew.


Seagull Maritime Security core service is commercial merchant vessels protection, against all threats at sea, especially against maritime piracy.

We believe that for Commercial Shipping Vessels, we need to ensure a safe voyage with cost effective solutions.

We provide our clients with well appreciated peace and quite so they can conduct their business in the HRA and focus on anything but security.


Seagull Maritime Security provides, via its sister company Seagull Solutions Ltd, overall project management, consulting, technology assessment, and system integration. As a tailor made solution provider we offer state of the art integration systems to protect critical off shore and on shore assets.


Seagull Maritime Security provides innovative and robust maritime risk management strategies, yacht security, solutions, and anti-piracy services.  By employing only highly skilled and experienced maritime security specialists, we provide luxury super yacht owners and international shipping corporations with a comprehensive range of custom-tailored security services to help safeguard their valuable assets.

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