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About Seal Solutions & Maritime Operations Ltd

“Seal Solutions & Maritime Operations Ltd “(SSMO) is a company formed to address and counter the issue of terrorism & piracy attacks in the areas of the Red sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and West Africa. We have worked with the most flag states and additional we are approved by the Commission of the Panama Maritime Authority to provide services to Panamanian vessels. 

We provide security services with specialization in maritime and land operations where we are most accustomed due to our background. SSMO founders are former Navy seals,  and its personnel is mainly comprised of formed members of special forces, navy seals teams, which have undergone additional extensive training in several countries worldwide, including but not limit Greece, USA, Germany, England, as Masters, Pilots, Explosive Ordnance disposal technicians, Combat medic, Security officers, negotiators and more. 

 So, the company builds on the military skills & experience of its personnel to provide security services of the highest quality to Maritime Companies, Oil companies, land industry, individuals which are seeking ways to protect their crew, vessels and cargo, oil rigs, factories, property. 

 Our Company is incorporated in Belize, Cyprus, Nigeria and is fully represented in Piraeus, Greece. Since August 2011 it's a signatory company of the International Code of Conduct ICoC and a member of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry - (SAMI), has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004.

SSMO can provide specialized protection for your property. Our Security Teams (as operating according to your preferences), will put into effect the appropriate measures that will provide the best protection for both the ship, cargo and the Crew, and deter the pirates from attempting to attack your Vessel.

In addition to the security plan implementation, SSMO personnel will ensure a safe environment onboard the vessel by providing the following services:

• Render Safe Procedures (RSP) for any live ordnance (i.e. unexploded RPG rockets) that may be found onboard the vessel after an attack has taken place.
• First Aid. At least one person for each of our security teams has been certified as combat medic, fully capable to provide first aid in the unlikely event that the crew will sustain casualties during an attack. These individuals are in place also to provide first aid/ trauma management seminars to the crew enabling them to be able to stabilize a casualty until the medic is on scene (these seminars will be delivered only if the Company and Master deem this as suitable and necessary).

In order to meet IMO's and  flag nations’ requirements SSMO keeps records of the following skills-set as prerequisites for Security Providers :
1. Personal survival techniques STCW A-VI/1-1
2. Firefighting and fire prevention STCW A-VI/1-2
3. Recognized trauma medical qualification / Elementary first aid STCW A-VI/1-3 
4. Personal safety and social responsibility STCW A-VI/1-4
5. Military Background (Navy Seals &Army Special Forces)-military discharge papers evidencing honorable service. 
6. Criminal Records (to the best of the Company’s knowledge and belief) the security personnel do not have a criminal record which would ordinarily preclude them from applying for and/or holding a firearms certificate.      
7. Fitness Tests-mental and physical fitness evidencing ability to carry out boarding ops.
8. Firearms training-certificated knowledge in the usage of the company’s existing weapons.
8. Drug & Alcohol free tested-passed ENG-1 medical, including random drug & alcohol testing.
9.  Valid vaccination yellow card and seaman’s health card.
10. Seaman’s discharge book.
11. SSMO’s security personnel are fully trained and conversant with the Company’s Rules for the use of force and shall act at all times within parameters set out therein .Also comply in all respects with all laws and regulations which may affect the provision of the Services
Additionally SSMO has the following insurance schemes in place: 
Lloyds First class Public Liability covers up toUS$ 5.000.000.
Employers liability up toUS $ 5.000.000
K & R up to US $1.000.000
Personal accident insurance for each team member up to US$ 250.000
SSMO uses mostly BIMCO Guardcon contract.
Maritime companies currently seek solutions towards to protect their assets and crew. The SSMO has the experience, the means and the ability to offer services that will eliminate this concern.

So far our company has the ability to cover any demand of armed security service through the below locations:
Colombo, Galle (SriLanka), Muscat (Oman), Port Suez (Egypt), Djibouti City (Djibouti), Mombasa (Kenya)
Fujairah (UAE), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), West Africa (Nigeria coast)

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