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About SecureScot

Since 2005 SecureScot have operated in the field of maritime security and having built up expertise in the International Ship & Port Security Code (ISPS), we offer training and consultancy as required by the Code.

Ship security assessment and planning and port security planning are the backbone of our consultancy services as well as providing the independent audit and exercise requirements of the Code.

We deliver ISPS training in all disciplines required from CSO, SSO, PFSO to PDSD and are an approved training provider for the UK Department for Transport, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Register.

We do all this with a commitment to traditional British quality and standards.  We have achieved ISO 9001 certification to formally demonstrate this.

For a select few individual blue chip clients, we provide ship/yacht security teams consisting of former British military special forces. We will provide to others on request if you meet our client profile.

Our headquarters is based at one of the globe’s shipping nodes where a tradition of shipbuilding and ship management is ever present.  We understand the trade and service it accordingly.

Our Managing Director grew up in a maritime family and dedicated his professional life to counter-terrorist planning and operations while serving with, arguably, the best police force in the UK and with central government.  There is no company better placed to provide training or consultancy in the sector of maritime security.

All this experience is available to you for the delivery of quality service at competitive rates. Our USP is flexibility and responsiveness.

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