About Teleservice

Teleservice is Angola’s leading safety and security services provider. Since 1993, we have been working with our clients to establish stable and safe working environments for corporations and individuals. Teleservice has extensive experience of working closely with companies from varied industries including oil and gas exploration and production, mining, aviation and manufacturing.
As Angola’s most important industry, the oil and gas sector requires complex safety and security management in order to provide secure and safe working conditions for offshore staff in addition to protecting companies’ assets, structure and personnel.

Teleservice employs a team of maritime security experts who specialise in organising security patrols of oil rigs and exploration facilities, ensuring the safety of offshore personnel and assets including rigs, docks and port facilities. Offshore platforms require a high level of safety and security provision due to the potentially volatile conditions and unpredictable environment. A complete security solution must take into account the entire infrastructure. This includes the operating wellheads to oil refineries, the headquarter building and offices and the distribution networks such as; tanks, boats and air transport. The challenges of securing miles of open water requires a specialised force of security professionals and state of the art equipment.

We have a fleet of state-of-the-art patrol boats, rapid response units and escort vessels, manned by a dedicated team of maritime security officers. Our current clients include global oil and gas companies which have their own internal standards and protocols. We pride ourselves on adapting to each client’s needs and can lead a security operation or work alongside a client’s own security team to provide additional support.

At Teleservice, we also provide on board security to rig and boat crews. The task of the Teleservice on-board security is twofold – to secure the vessel and its occupants to the highest standards and to ensure its crew can perform its duties with a minimum of disruption, safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for around the clock by security experts. The on board security crews are supported by the Teleservice control center who can provide support, monitoring and quick response.

Our teams have the knowledge to provide staff training and can carry out exercise drills on the ship itself so that the crew knows exactly what to do in the case of an incident and how to handle different threatening situations.

Each Teleservice security team is led by a highly experienced commander and includes at least one paramedic. The teams are also trained in how to evacuate vessels securely and safely if that is what is required.

The security on board may be armed or unarmed. Unarmed security may involve, for example, the use of water cannons, machines that simulate the sound of gunfire and harmless – but very noisy – munitions.

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