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Security’ has become a prominent issue in recent years. Faced with an array of potential hazards, from terrorism and computer viruses, to fraud and organised crime, the world is perceived by many to be an increasingly dangerous place. As a result, the focus on security has sharpened and the demand for related goods and services has steadily grown giving rise to a wide and varied range of economic activities in both the government domain and the business sector.

Theron Solutions specialises in providing a discreet and effective security service to our clients. Our services are designed to provide bespoke security solutions to cater for individual client needs. Our advisors and operators have been involved in high profile security contracts involving close protection to diplomats and VIPs, consultations to overseas embassies and consulate, surveillance, asset protection, maritime and a national sports team.

Theron Solutions was founded by former British special forces and elite military personnel to provide a wide range of specialised security services. To ensure a safer business environment to commercial and individual clients, Senior Advisors, Directors and members have transferred their extensive skills and knowledge to recognise, consult, design and create bespoke security risk solutions.

The team combined have significant experience in security risk management. Our advisors are specialised in recognising threats and developing tailor made solutions to mitigate risk  to fit your circumstances, financial situation and business continuity plan.

Our advisors and operators have in the past been involved in the following: managing and designing security risk policies for the British High Commission and Japanese Embassy;  playing a pivotal role in planning and executing US army logistics supply movements in Iraq, acting as security advisors and head of security to  a middle eastern royal family and  to diplomats; security quality assurance management during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games; security to the England Rugby team; protection of executives and assets of US Aviation and Aerodynamics organisations during exhibitions and air shows in the UK and abroad.

Our ambition and approach are focused in providing the best security service. Our high-level security solutions are based on a flexible and modern approach for the provision of “personal safety” for our clients in today’s business environment.

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