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About Titan Risk Control

Provides a broad range of services, primarily in High Risk Environments (HRE) as well as the  Executive Protection Sector (EP) in order to create and sustain the highest possible level of safety and security and protect our clients' operations, assets, image and lifestyle. We achieve this by applying the skills and expertise we have acquired acquired through years of experience in the most challenging theaters of operation.

Maritime Security

TITAN Risk Control has executed more than 1000 maritime security transits, over the past five years. We have an intimate understanding of the threat of piracy and continue to provide solutions based on current intelligence and up to date methodology. Our services are in accordance with industry guidelines and regulations.


Piracy has been a serious threat to merchant vessels and seamen since man began sailing the seas, to transport, explore and trade. In recent years we have experienced a massive increase in piracy around the world and particularly in the:

Southern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Somali Coast, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Malacca and Singapore Straits, South China Sea and most recently in the Gulf of Guinea.

It is a threat which, despite international efforts, was rapidly increasing in frequency and is still expanding geographically. In the past several years there have been a staggering 3000 attacks and many high profile hijackings, costing in both human lives and financially effecting global markets.

"Piracy is thriving and will pose a threat

to merchant vessels,indefinitely!"

Our Mission

“Deter attacks, deny attackers control of the vessel, protect crew, vessel and cargo, and minimize risks of human, economic and material loss”.


The solution is simple. Maritime corporations and vessels involved in transiting high risk areas must integrate maritime security services into their operations. TITAN Risk Control delivers a sustainable and viable solution, by preparing a client, their vessel and its crew to execute a high risk transit, as well as provide onboard supervision and physical protection solutions during the voyage, with minimum disturbance to the operation, voyage, vessel or crew.


- Maritime Escorts

In general there are two types of Maritime Security Escorts, armed and un-armed. Both instances require the physical presence of Maritime Security Agents onboard a vessel during a transit. TITAN Risk Control provides a range of flexible, cost effective options and services. Our methods are robust, up to date and effective. Our people are experienced in counter-piracy operations and are dedicated to the protection of a vessel and its crew.

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