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About Triaena Maritime Security

TRIAENA MARITIME SECURITY (TMS), Ltd provides a wide range of efficient and cost effective maritime security services, by employing a highly motivated and skillful group of trained professionals with a long and proven track record in preparing and escorting vessels through high risk areas.
TMS is a highly professional and reliable company, founded to meet the demands of clients whose vessels transit through high risk areas. Currently TMS is supplying maritime security services to a great number of shipping companies. Our security personnel have helped prepare vessels and successfully carried out several hundreds of transits, with no damage to any ship, passengers, crew or cargo.


TMS fully understands all the relevant maritime industry concerns and expectations. Our personnel have deep and proven knowledge and experience of international maritime security challenges, as well as of all the issues related to the dangers of modern piracy.
We are specialized in providing security to merchant vessels, crew and cargo, during their passage through areas where the threat of piracy and the risk of other illegal activities is increased. TMS implements on ships and yacht owners a comprehensive and proven on-board security protection plan even in cases where there is very short notice, and always according to the highest standards.
The security personnel employed by TMS are committed, exceptionally skilled and well-disciplined teams of armed guards. The team members are mainly ex-Navy Seals and ex-Army Special Forces with many years of experience in maritime security. The teams are trained to anticipate and proactively deter any hazardous situation before it becomes a serious security incident.
Our 24/7 Operations Center monitors all of the incoming email and phone calls, providing reports and intelligence updates concerning piracy activity, taking into account all the available maritime intelligence products such as of International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC), UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), and US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).
After each transit the team members follow a rigorous debriefing procedure to evaluate the steps taken, the threats faced and the actions of teams thereon, as part of the continuous training and improvement of the security services provided by TMS.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • Fully qualified personnel with great operational experience in antipiracy operations in the Indian Ocean and the surrounding seas.
  • Security Team members on board vessels are former Navy or Army Special Forces, with a background and long experience in covert/uncovert operations, as well as in amphibious and maritime interdiction operations and missions, screened for their ability to adapt their military skills to civilian shipping operations.
  • Security guards are well disciplined with controlled reactions due to their long common service in Special Forces and the extensive training they are receiving as Maritime Security Officers/Operatives (including the use of firearms), in a regular basis.
  • Security Teams use practical, effective, non-escalatory equipment and apply highly standardized procedures, conforming to the highest maritime security international norms.
  • Effective confrontation of a security incident (piracy attack) before the need for the implementation of the last resort (Citadel).
  • Sufficient working English language skill, by all of our security guards.

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