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About Trident Group

The Trident Group is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional global maritime security solutions through our application of unparalleled manpower, our strategic relationships,  technology, training and support of innovative maritime discoveries.

With a proven history of service and commitment to the maritime industry, Trident Group is the leading, dedicated maritime security services corporation available to the industry today. 

This site's objective is to provide a roadmap to help your government agency or corporation navigate the security provider selection process.  Founded by U.S. Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEALs) and Senior U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Officers, The Trident Group was established in April 2000 to fill an observed gap in security consulting, training, technology development and implementation of manpower to the global maritime community.  With more than two decades of industry expertise, The Trident Group provides unparalleled security services and support to government agencies and bellwether companies around the globe.

The Trident Group currently provides security and consulting services to many of the world’s largest maritime government and security entities around the globe.  We have secured a competitive market edge through the strategic provision of anti-/counter-piracy plans, services, and technology development initiatives, as well as other maritime and security services worldwide.

The Trident Group is recognized as the US Market Leader in Anti-Piracy & Maritime Security Operations World-Wide. The Trident Group’s Maritime Technology and Maritime Training Divisions go above and beyond the industry standards by hiring the best in their fields. All Trident Group instructors are Subject Matter Experts in all areas of Maritime Security & Training to include Advanced Firearms and Tactics. The Trident Group instructors bring current real world experience that can only come from conducting anti-piracy and combat operations worldwide. 

Trident Group Announces First-Of-Its-Kind Maritime Boarding Alert Device (MBAD) to Alert Crews to Intruders.

Today, Trident Group, a provider of security and consulting services to many of the world’s largest maritime entities, announced the launch of its Maritime Boarding Alert Device, also known as MBAD. An integrated perimeter threat detection and repel platform, MBAD was developed by former Naval Special Warfare operators as a solution against unauthorized access to maritime assets. 

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