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Phone: 201-308-6600

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About United Marine Security

United Marine Security employs veterans from various branches of the US military, and Department of Homeland Security. We ensure our Security Analyst garner more than just the basic qualification necessary. Our teams hold high levels of experience and education, such as Masters degree's in subjects such as International Relations, Middle Eastern Cross Cultural Communication, Engineering and any other associated subject. But in addition to a degree, we require all members of company to have time tested experience in the field. Our Security Team Members are veteran military members that have been trained in various disciplines within the US Special Forces (NAVY SEALS, Marine Sharp Shooters, Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers). We ensure they are absolutely physically fit and place their integrity in executing one's duties and responsibilities. In addition we require they undergo annual physical fitness test, and our annual security training screening to ensure they maintain the ability to work and adapt well as a member of our elite security units.

These things are very important because when it comes to United Marine Security, there is much more than lost revenue and our reputation at stake. We have been entrusted with lives of our customers and our employees, that is why we continue to search and recruit elite members that have been combat tested and highly trained. They undergo psychological testing before they are placed into the field, we ensure they can adjust and be compatible with each other and the crew of the vessel.

It is important to note that our security teams are continually training and undergoing field exercises to ensure they possess the ability to deal with modern technologies and weaponry that are generally used and prescribed for operational maritime security. Each team member has the ability of being trained to deal with the threat of security better than someone who is inept at using technology and conventional weaponry.

Today's pirates are constantly looking for the upper hand whether technologically or attaining the latest weaponry. That's why at UMS we strive to ascertain the latest weaponry and technology in the industry to maintain the higher ground against piracy. Therefore keeping these aspects in mind, our preparation, training, and deployments of our security teams are the most important thing our company has to offer. Our promise to you is that our teams are flexible, adaptable to any situation or crew. It is our pledge to live up to the highest of industry standards and deal with any unexpected situations as they arise and provide excellence in all we do.D:\МОЁ\ded\post\United Marine Security

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