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Recruitment at MNG Maritime

MNG Maritime Ltd. is a UK-registered, UK-based shipping and security company, whose core business is the provision of support and enabling services to private maritime security companies (PMSCs). MNG Maritime Ltd. also delivers its own armed security services in the protection of both its, and client assets in Company charge.

The Company is committed to acting at all times within the bounds of international, humanitarian, human rights, UK and coastal state law, and expects total adherence of this policy from its employees. The Company is an equal opportunities employer.

The Company’s core business is the delivery of critical logistic support services to PMSCs, allowing them in turn to focus on protecting ships from threats. The Company’s key services centre upon the movement, storage, handling, training, calibration and maintenance of firearms and other controlled goods, along with the personnel who operate them. A key element of the Company’s services provision is assisting client PMSCs to deliver their services legally and fully in compliance with emerging industry standards.

The Company aims to be the market leader in this area by providing an unmatched level of service at a competitive price, with total legality, compliance and transparency.

MNG Maritime Ltd. is looking for motivated, professional staff who are prepared to commit themselves to the Company, its standards and its goals. Our personnel will be employed on a full-time contract and are expected to work exclusively for the Company.


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