Recruitment at Armed Maritime Security

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Recruitment at Armed Maritime Security

Twenty Committee Risk Management Ltd, Maritime division is currently at full strength. We are still happy to receive resumes of potential future members of our ranks and will hold them on file for future selection.
Our West Africa operations are set to increase dramatically in the very near future and as such we are looking for qualified former military operators who have seen deployment in hostile environments in the recent past and have extensive Maritime Security experience.

To be considered for a future position you shall require the following:

Valid Passport

STCW 95 all four modules

Medical Certificate for active service from your GP/Mental and Physical

Yellow Fever Card

Seaman Card and Discharge Book

Full CV with Current References

Military Discharge Papers or Proof of Current Reserve Service
Our HR team and Operations Manager shall respond accordingly. 

Armed Maritime Security is fully insured and licensed to carry out on-ship armed security work. 

When you use our Armed Maritime Security services, the following results will be achieved:

  • Your business will not lose money due to your ship being hijacked and held by pirates for months.
  • You will not have to pay an excessive ransom to get your own asset and crew returned to you
  • Your vessels will not have to take much longer routes to avoid potential danger areas
  • You will not have to call the families of your crew to tell them they have been kidnapped
  • Your company vessel will not be turned into a ‘mother ship’ for on-going piracy activities
  • Your crew will not be used as ‘human shields’ to protect illegal pirate operations
  • You customers will not have to receive a call from you telling them that their shipment has been seized indefinitely

Your insurance premiums will go down


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