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Careers at Teleservice

Teleservice strives to select the best candidates from the security industry to work with us. Potential candidates at all levels undergo scientific and psychometric evaluations whilst being considered for a position with the company.  These include integrity assessments and a profiling process to determine compatibility with the requirements of a specific position within a specific team.  Local knowledge and experience is considered as are sensitivities within communities.

In order to ensure we select the best candidates to work with us and to ensure a fair recruitment process Teleservice adheres to cedurally and substantively fair and equitable employment practices. This commitment extends to current employees and to job applicants.

We uphold the principles of equal opportunity employment as is prescribed by legislation.
We are committed to fair labour practice and only utilise scientifically validated and reliable psychological tests and other similar assessment techniques as part of the selection process.
Recruitment and selection of all staff is conducted based on the needs of the company and customer requirements.
The criteria for recruitment and vetting are non-discriminatory and fair.
Statutory requirements are complied with at all times.
In order to ensure that appropriate candidates are selected, a candidate is disqualified if:
Found guilty at any time of a criminal offence or improper conduct by a competent court or authority.
Under investigation for criminal offence / improper conduct by any competent Court or Authority.
Of unsound mind and has been declared as such by a competent court.
The employee was previously dismissed from Teleservice


Teleservice’s biggest investment is in personnel because we understand that the safety and security services industry is entirely people-dependent. We are fully committed to developing our staff through both class based and practical training.


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