Careers at Safeland Maritime Security

Careers at Safeland Maritime Security

Quality over Quantity:
We at Safeland Maritime Security believe in Quality of an Individual. If you wish to be part of a Specialised Maritime Security Company with credentials of Assurance and Professionalism:
Prior to employment with Safeland Maritime Security, personnel undergo stringent background screening that includes checks that exceed recommended industry best practice, ICoC, IMO and BIMCO Guidance. Our background screening includes:

  • Verification of Military Service
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Verification of Qualifications
  • Verification of Medical History to include Drug Screening and Psychological Screening

In addition to our requirements that all personnel must have military experience (for Security/Intelligence related postings), all Armed Security Team personnel must, prior to employment possess the following certifications:

  • STCW95 Basic
  • Current ENG 1 medical
  • Seaman’s Card/Discharge Book
  • Current CRB Check
  • Certificate of Vaccination including Yellow Fever
  • Firearms Certificate
  • First Aid – Trauma medical training

Following successful verification of an applicant’s background they undergo training to industry leading standards on a strict pass or fail course. The training syllabus includes:

  • ISPS Code Familiarisation
  • Further medical training
  • Weapons Training
  • Rules of the Use of Force training

Only after successfully completing this training are our personnel considered ready for deployment.
All applications are dealt with discretion and we will get in touch with you, if we believe that you can be part of our valued team of employees.
Vacancies are open to ex Military and Non Military personnel, depending on the nature of role, we wish you to fulfil.


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