About maritime security identification card (MSIC)

MSIC card is a necessary ID document which is used for identification of a person which has turned out to be a subject of background check. maritime security identification card In other words maritime security identification card shows that its holder has all rights to operate in maritime security zone as well as meet minimum security requirements in this area. Pay attention to the fact that this card will not provide you with access to any maritime zone which is under security control. 

The ID is expired after four yrs. Then you will need to renew MSIC card. You can also complete your MSIC card application after two years of usage. Modern technologies have made our life much easier. Now you may feel free to apply for a new card online without wasting any time. MSIC card renewal will not take a lot of time. Our website will provide you with detailed information on resources which will make it possible to apply for MSIC card online. All you have is to feel in necessary information and complete the application process.

If a person has to enter secured maritime zone at least once a year, he is obliged to have MSIC card in accordance with existing maritime requirements and legislations. No matter what the main purposes of your entering secured zone are. You will not be able to enter the area without this ID. msic cardMSIC card is necessary for port facility workers, stevedores, transport operators and train truck drivers, seafarers in accordance with regulations of the country, etc.

In case you want to apply for a card you should be ready to provide the evidence of the fact that you truly deal with operations needs which call for issuing of MSIC card. The application process itself is rather easy. You need to fill in necessary information, confirm the fact that issue of the body is necessary, confirm you identity and make a request. Some countries establish additional requirements for the applicants. That is why you need to check with all terms and condition before starting the process.