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Employers of personnel WHO add port facilities in an exceedingly security capability or WHO have specific security duties in keeping with the Port Faility Secuirty arrange (PFSP)are needed by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) to coach their personnel in specific subjects. This course is meant to fulfill the necessities for coaching ordered move into the ISPS Code for port faility personnel with specific security duties WHO work below the extent of Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO).

Course Content

The course is run over one day and covers:

ISPS Code Background and introduction
Maritime Security threats
ISPS duties and responsibilities
Maritime security levels
The port facility security assessment and arrange
Suspicious persons and behavior and dodging of security
Identifying weapons and explosives
Practical protecting measures and contingency plans
Documents, records, communications and confidentiality


Successful candidates can succeed the Port Facility Security Personnel Certificate issued by Greek deity Risk Management Ltd.


The course is appropriate for employers to coach their personnel or for those utilized or seeking to be used within the maritime trade as Port Facility Security Personnel or Guards. there's no previous coaching or expertise needed. However, artificial language acquirement and accomplishment ar needed owing to course content, and a data of the maritime trade would be helpful.

Port Facilities and management company packages accessible. Please contact for more details.


The course helped ME to grasp my necessities in reference to the ISPS Code and has helped ME with the performance of my duties – Ashley – Port Facility watchman


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