PFSO training. Port facility security officer training

PFSO training course is created in order to provide individuals with opportunity to meet all requirements and standards which are established by ISPS Code along with guidance from the SOLAS Regulations. In case you want to get a position of port facility security officer it is mandatory for you to complete this training course in order to operate on vessels which can also be involved in the international transit. port facility security officer courses The content of the course includes introduction and main background of ISPS Code, security threats, duties and responsibilities which are included in ISPS Code, maritime security levels, interaction with vessels, weapons and explosives and many other important points which are necessary for port facility security officer training.

Those who will successfully pass this training course will get Port Facility Security Officer certificate which is recognized by DFT ISPS. This fact opens a lot of opportunities for individuals who have already obtained this certificate. You will be able to find a good vacancy in port sector. AT the same time it provides with a great chance for security professionals who are eager to expand their consultancy skills and the level of employability.

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