PDSD training courses (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties)

All seafarers are obliged to undertake Proficiency in Designated Security Duties in case they have designated security duties in accordance with the Ship Security Plan. This training program will introduce all necessary requirements and amendments in security training which are changing every year. proficiency designated security duties coursesProficiency in Designated Security Duties(PDSD) is obligatory for both engaged onboard ships and self-employed vessels which apply to ISPS Code. The regulations have been firstly introduced in January 2012.

The Ship Security plan applies to all seafarers and calls for performing specific duties on board the ship. All operations are controlled by Chief Security Officer. At the same time PDSD requires certificate of all seafarers who also deal with the plan. In case you are eager to pass this training course, you will be able to benefit from the most experienced trainers and instructors who will make everything possible for your successful completing.

Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)
PDSD – Proficiency In Designated Security Duties Course
The STCW Convention and Code as amended by the Manila amendments (2010) contains new necessities concerning security coaching. This coaching is needed by all personnel used or engaged aboard...
Company: Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)
Eos Risk Management
Introduction The STCW Convention and Code as amended by the Manila change 2010 contains new needs relating to security coaching. These laws came into force one Gregorian calendar month 20...
Company: Eos Risk Management
Securewest International
Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
This course is intended to produce the gob with the data needed to satisfy selected security duties in reference to a Ship Security arrange. This course has been developed in accordance with...
Company: Securewest International