PSA training courses (Proficiency in Security Awareness)

Those seafarers who have to deal with capacity on all kinds of vessels or ships as well as employed seafarers should complete Proficiency in Security Awareness(PSA) training course. It is obligatory for those who operate on vessels that are applied to the ISPS Code along with the Ship Security Plan. The main advantage of this course is the fact that you will not have to attend the whole Basic Safety Course which can last up to a week. You are able to get a certificate separately from the main course. proficiency security awareness coursesIt will take you about four hours in order to complete proficiency in security awareness program and get necessary certificate.

This training course is mainly aimed on providing candidates with necessary knowledge background as well as increase the level of their proficiency and level of operation on board the ship. The program lasts for 4 hours and it comes alongside the main Basic Safety Training course which is mandatory for seafarers. Pay attention to the fact that PSA is not an obligatory part of BST. AT the same time it will help to widen your knowledge as well as increase the level of your qualification.

Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)
PSA – Proficiency in Security Awareness Course
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Company: Independent Maritime Security Associates (IMSA)
Eos Risk Management
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