Maritime ship security officer courses list

Ship security officer has several important responsibilities. His main duty is to deal with safety of the vessel. At the same time he controls the maintenance of the Ship Security Plan that is usually worked out and established by the ship-owner or shipping company. That is why it is obligatory for every ships security officer to have necessary knowledge and skills that can be obtained after completing necessary trainings and SSO course. Necessary competencies are described in the ISPS code in the following section. The program contains ICS and IMO model training. This helps SSO courses meet necessary standards and requirements.

The course is aimed on providing SSO security officer with all necessary skills and knowledge which will make it possible for him to perform all his duties in appropriate way. The main goal is to perform them in accordance with ort Facility and International Ship Code. In case you are successful in completing the whole ship security officer course, you will be able to deal with such responsibilities as: ship security officer courses

  • ship security system management and monitoring;
  • crew training and motivation for performing security duties on the highest level;
  • supervision and control of implementation of the Ship Security Plan;

All these duties are of great importance for all SSO officers. Our website will provide you with the full information about the course and candidates who are able to complete it.

SSO courses

In case you are looking for a job in ship security, you are obliged to pass the SSO course. At the same time it is also necessary for ship officers who may be appointed as SSOs in future.  It will be easier for you to complete the training in case you already have necessary military background. It will also give you a chance to work as ship security consultant. Such vacancies are often provided by different maritime security companies. 

The course itself contains of training materials, ISPS Code booklet< certificates which are approved by MCA (they include SSO and PDSD certificates) and the set of leaflets, workbook and handouts which will be useful to complete the training. In case you need additional information, you will find it on our website. 

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